Sound Economy is an interactive media project that uses historical economic data as an algorithm in audio-visual composition.

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(running time: 48 secs. )

This is a clip of my audio-visual work presented at the 4th Asia-Europe Art Camp in Helsinki, Finland (June 2006).

I used the Philippines' Gross Domestic Product (GDP per capita) as source to create sounds and manipulate video. GDP values were converted to MIDI data using a gesture-based sensor interface (the data is being sent as I move my hand). Converted MIDI values are then processed in a custom program written in Max/MSP. I used MIDIsense as sensor interface.

The output is an algorithmically composed music, as well as manipulated video (in this instance the video's frame rate and contrast were manipulated).

Sound Economy was the first in the series to be shown in public. I am planning to create more using GDP data from other countries. When played side by side - the disparity in sounds and images will be heard and seen. Countries with higher GDP will generally have higher notes or pitches, while countries will low GDP will sound bassy with low frequencies. Brighter video and faster frame rate will also be exhibited by more affluent countries, while the reverse is true for less affluent nations.

Sound Economy was nominated for the Ateneo Art Awards in 2007.
This project pre-dated the economic recession of 2008~2009.

Watch the video here.